Y's Care Preschool

Children 2.5-5 years old are welcome in Y’s Care which includes a lovely classroom filled with natural elements and provocations and a wonderful outdoor area to encourage nature exploration and physical movement. Literacy, art and music are ways to invite children to express themselves and understand others’ perspectives and are important parts of our curriculum.

We believe that when young children are given the opportunity to explore and when teachers give their attention to children’s words, actions and feelings, optimal learning can take place. We have a conflict-rich classroom, giving children freedom to practice important skills like negotiation, empathy, autonomy, problem solving and self-control. This kind of social learning helps children come to view themselves as competent and confident; able to view others and their community without fear or judgment.

We offer opportunities for parent education and involvement in classes, events and individualized support services. Community resources and referrals for childcare & emergency funding, health care, housing, and family support are available.



Curricular Elements

Developmentally appropriate guidance
Culturally relevant / Multi-cultural environment
Complete nutrition program with whole grains
Therapy play and physical fitness programs
Kindergarten readiness
Individual attention
Conflict resolution and self-advocacy

Children’s natural curiosity drives their learning. The classroom curriculum is designed to address and support a wide variety of learning opportunities to ensure that each child will be able to explore their areas of interest and learn life skills like resilience, flexibility, perspective taking and empathy.

Program Activities include...

Dramatic play
Visual and performing arts
Small and large group projects
Blocks, puzzles and games
Maker spaces
Storytelling, authorship and literacy building
Music exploration through singing, dancing and playing instruments
Natural outdoor area that promotes exploration
Field trips to the zoo, pumpkin patch, local parks and special events

Y’s Care LGBTQ Equity Statement

Y’s Care embraces an anti-bias approach to early learning with a vision that in this world:
All children and families have a sense of belonging and experience affirmation of their identities and cultural ways of being.
All children have access to and participate in the education they need to become successful, collaborative, and independent.
The educational process engages all members of the program in joyful learning.
Children and adults know how to respectfully and easily live, learn, and work together in diverse and inclusive environments.
All families have the resources they need to fully nurture their children.

Adapted from resources on anti-bias education by National Association for the Education of Young Children.

To achieve this vision, Y’s Care Preschool Program encourages all of the children in our classroom to develop the skills they need to feel empathy and take on perspectives other than their own. Studies show that even young children exhibit a favorable bias toward people they perceive to be like them. Through the cultivation of empathy and perspective-taking, children improve their ability to build meaningful relationships with other children across all types of diversity.

Y’s Care thoughtfully selects curriculum and materials that introduce the kids in our classroom to a wide variety of gender expressions and family structures. For example, children may learn songs that break down stereotypes about “what is a girl thing and what is a boy thing,” or they may read a book that tells a story of a child with two mothers. Most importantly, we embrace the unique individuality of every child we work with, accepting each child as they are and providing an inviting space for children to explore their developing identity and sense of self. As kids explore, their innate curiosity presents many opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate differences in the classroom. We believe that providing an affirming and protective environment supports the health and well-being of every child we serve.

About Us

Our philosophy is inspired by the world-renowned schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and our image of the child as a competent and motivated learner, guides our teaching. Children learn best in relationship to others and our goal is to help children learn the skills they will need to thrive in the 21st century through daily practice in collaboration, critical thinking and reasoning, taking on challenges and invention.


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